Foundry NORLYS

High Pressure Aluminium
Die Casting Foundry
and Machining Facility

Competence in:

- die casting of aluminium alloys,
- machining of castings,
- manufacturer of foundry moulds

About Foundry

High Pressure Aluminium Die Casting Foundry was established in the early 2012, and it specializes in manufacturing of complex pressure castings of aluminium alloys and CNC machining of outdoor light fixtures as well as parts for automotive industry and others. We have modernly equipped tool room department, where we make high pressure moulds, trimming dies and clamping tools, as well as we provide maintenance and repair die-casting moulds used by our foundry. Deliveries may include from rough through pre machined to advanced CNC machined casts. The modern machining park allows us to control casting processes on every stage, which allows us to obtain castings of the highest quality, and guarantees full satisfaction of our customers. The advantage of our company is a team of experienced designers, engineers and highly skilled operators on production positions.

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Pressure Casting

Our Foundry specializes in manufacturing of aluminium alloy pressure castings. Norlys Sp. z o.o. has a modern machining park which includes:

CNC Machining

CNC machining - machining using the modern 4 axis CNC mills , equipped with hydraulic clamping system, which allows to perform high-quality machined surfaces of complex castings. The washing process of machined parts - washing and vacuum drying is carried out in an automated washing machine, which allows removing all impurities such as oils, machining emulsions, and loose chips, from parts of complicated shapes.

Tool Room Department

Norlys has a modernly equipped tool room department, where we make high pressure moulds, trimming dies and clamping tools. We perform regular maintenance and repair work on all the high pressure die casting moulds used by our foundry.

We have a modern machining park.

Measuring Laboratory

We have a modernly equipped measuring laboratory, which allows us to control manufacturing processes at different stages as well as finished products, equipped with:

Quality Policy

Norlys Sp. z o.o. pressure foundry delivers highest quality casts for manufacturing of light fixtures; however, thanks to high quality and dynamic development we are a supplier to the automotive industry.
This requires us to use statistical process control and tools such as:

Since 2003, the foundry, cnc and tool department has possessed ISO 9001 , which confirms our commitment to the highest quality products.

Since 2018 the foundry and mechanical processing has possessed IATF 16949 certificate. This certificate confirms that our products are made to the highest world standards - standards used in the automotive industry.





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